Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Change Up

Well just a quick update as it's been a while.  Haven't organized to play Star Wars in quite some time but I've been playing some other cool board games.   Three to be exact and one is Star Wars related.

First up is Dungeon Quest.   This game is low in difficulty and the fun factor is through the roof.  You really don't have a chance in this adventure.  If the chasms  don't swallow you or the un-dead don't kill you the sun timer will close you in.  Game times aren't long so you can probably get two or three rounds in a few hours once you get the gist of the dice and game flow.

Another fun game I was introduced to is Code Names.  Best described as a combination of Guess Who and $10000 Pyramid.  Three people works really well for this game.  One clue giver and to opposing 'spies'.   The clue giver has to associate words together for the spy to connect.  Watch out for the Assassin!  Game flow is really fast and you can knock out a few rounds quickly.

Last but not least is Star Wars X-Wing.  Clear off your kitchen table, throw down the star field felt cloth and buckle up.   This is a turn based RTS dog fighting game with all your favorite Star Wars ships - Millenium Falcon,  Slave 1, Tie-Advanced, X-Wing Fighters and more.  It will take a few rounds to get the dice mechanics, but after that it's clear sailing.   The models are amazing and you will love strategizing  your ship's next maneuver and attack.

Christmas is just around the corner - do you have any suggestions for board game gifts?  Comment below or hit me up on twitter:  @CardhuPC 

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